It all started at the age of 14, with the obsessive creation of YouTube videos for one of the greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer. It didn't take long until the channel acquired millions of views and thousands of heartwarming comments. All of the sudden I had a fan base of people craving for the next video. Their words gave me the confidence to pursue a career in what I always loved the most. Filmmaking.
Given my love for storytelling, filming and editing, I decided to study the craft in the UK. 
Ever since, I have worked with various types of clients, always being involved with all aspects of production, as I am responsible for scripting, directing, shooting and editing, loving every single step of the process. Everything plays a vital role from script to composition and from colour grading to music. Detail is king.
I now specialize in social media content and my primary focus is to deliver high-end cinematic content in combination with engaging and thought-provoking narratives that deliver the appropriate messages.
For me, art is when you can touch somebody's soul, without having to explain anything. If you can evoke emotions, then you have achieved to make art. I have learned that from the age of 14, and it has always been my primary goal. Engaging the audience in a meaningful way.
Filmmaking is the endless pursuit of visual expression. It's not a job. Α roller coaster ride in which I'll always be the passenger.
Post-Production Editing MA - Bournemouth University - Distinction Degree
Media Production BA (Hons) - Coventry University - Distinction Degree